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Stories of "Why Not!"

  Erin's Story: 

Why Not! Break Out of That Mold


  Julie Bell's Story: 

Why Not! Seek Your Independence


  Kathy's Story: 

Why Not! Break out of that Rut


  Eileen's Story: 

Why Not! Reach for the Stars


  Leigh's Story: 

Why Not! Believe in the Power of a Mother's Love


  Cynthia's Story: 

Why Not! Be Unstoppable


  Fred's Story: 

Why Not! Save a Life


  Sarah's Story: 

Why Not! Get Away From Abuse


  Brian's Story: 

Why Not! Take the Next Step


  Reflections on Littleton: 

Why Not! Find a Way to Stop the Violence


  Robert's Story: 

Why Not! Work Hard to Get Out of Debt


  Ron's Story: 

Why Not! Keep a Positive Attitude


  Margaret's Story: 

Why Not! Drive Your Troubles Away


  Cheryl's Story: 

Why Not! Be a Foster Parent


  Josh's Story: 

Why Not! Make Your Own Path


  Julie K.'s Story: 

Why Not! Ignore Those Who Try To Put You Down







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"Why Not!" Stories From The Y-Knot Generation
(that's what comes after Generation X)

  Hilary's Story: 

Why Not! Keep Trying


  Brittney's Story: 

Y Knot Be Yourself


  Ashley's Story: 

Girls Don't Play Football - Why Not!




Anonymous Stories to Touch Your Heart:

  Love, Success, and Wealth  

  Weakness or Strength?

  Circle of Kindness

  The Starfish

  You Are Worthy

  Strength from Adversity

  Food for the Soul

  Can Your Actions Affect Others?


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